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Apple Hill in El Dorado County


Labor Day Weekend: Apple Hill® season begins! Apple Hill Growers & Businesses Most people have heard of Apple Hill. It's in the Sierra foothills somewhere east of Sacramento, off Highway 50, isn't it? Those who have left the highway and driven through the orchards, vineyards and forests above Placerville know what Apple Hill is. Once you have found Apple Hill, you know what it is and want to return each fall. Visit their website

Enjoy Apple Hill in El Dorado County on the Apple Hill® Shuttle from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM every weekend in October. Exit Highway 50 in Placerville at Schnell School Road and park at Schnell School. Then board the Apple Hill® Shuttle Bus to begin your day touring Apple Hill. The all-day pass is free and entitles you to visit as many apple ranches and orchards as you like with an Apple Hill® Shuttle Bus passing by every 15 30 minutes.

The shuttle stop begins at Schnell School in Placerville. Its a great way to avoid the congestion or having to look for a parking space at each ranch or orchard. Avoid the heavy traffic and join us for a great day in Apple Hill.

For more information, call El Dorado Transit at (530) 642-5383. El Dorado Transit and the Apple Hill Growers sponsor this shuttle.

Apple Hill is lush orchards and productive vineyards, all with their individual reasons to visit. Breathe in the delicious aromas wafting from bakeshops and sense the country smells of forest and earth. Hear children laughing as they enjoy crispy apples, buttery turnovers or a slice of famous "Apple Hill cake". This is a farm experience. You can see apple cider being made, pick your own apples or pumpkins, find the perfect Christmas tree, choose local crafts, or just relax under a favorite apple tree in one of the many picnic sites on the "Hill".

Apple Hill has over 50 members at this beginning of a new century. When it was started almost 40 years ago, the founding members wanted a place where seller and buyer could talk to one another; a place with time for friendly relationships. The growers knew they grew a superior product and wanted to offer top-quality merchandise with no-middle-man prices.

The concept flourished along with the orchards. Every year Apple Hill's veteran visitors return to their favorite farms and also explore new sights on the "Hill". Their goal may be to find different varieties of apples or the best cider. One ranch may offer a favorite dessert or the perfect picnic spot.

The Apple Hill Growers and their customers have formed an enthusiastic bond. The growers respond to this relationship and give a part of themselves in return. The purchase of Apple Hill products at the ranches makes it possible to continue offering "a return to the good times". It is a way of life idealized by many and shared with the public by Apple Hill growers. Lots of family farms - fresh fruit, cider, pumpkins, berries, bake shops, picnic areas, wineries, Christmas trees. For brochure, send $2.00 postage to: Apple Hill, P.O. Box 494, Camino, CA 95709. (530) 644-7692.

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