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Heavenly Ski Resort Gondola Facts & Figures

(July 10, 2000)

Lift Statistics

  • The lift is a Doppelmayr monocable gondola. Doppelmayr is headquartered in Wolfurt, Austria.
  • There will be 138 eight-person cabins on the line, manufactured by CWA (Carosserie Werke Aarburg - this name refers to their old carriage works in the town of Aarburg which is a few miles away from their current location in Olten).
  • The cabins are level loading walk-in cabins which are fully ADA accessible. All three stations are level loading as well.
  • 2800 persons/hour uphill capacity w/100% downhill loading capacity.
  • The lift rotation is counter-clock wise - right side up.
  • The haul rope diameter is 56 millimeters.
  • The lift has a vault drive design located at the top station with tensioning equipment at the bottom station.
  • The horizontal length is 12,023 feet/inclined length 12,662 feet.
  • The vertical rise is 2,875 feet.
  • Ride time: 11 mm + 28 seconds.
  • Lift speed: 1,200 feet/minute (6 meters/sec).
  • There is be a mid-station is located at the break over point. It has a 14,552 square foot observation deck for views over the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Carson Valley. Gondola passengers are able to get on and off the lift at the mid-station.
  • There are three wind indication systems and an automatic slow function for wind gust conditions.

Top Station and Lodge

  • The gondola top station is located in Von Schmidt's Flats adjacent to the existing Tamarack Express chairlift. The load/unload elevation is 9,158 feet.
  • As a part of the top station development, a new day lodge is planned and has been approved.
  • This year, the terminal and motor room have been completed (known as Phase 1 built by Q+D Construction of Reno, NV)
  • The day lodge and cabin-parking system will be constructed next summer.

Mid-Station Obsersation Deck

As the gondola passes the ridgeline above town, it enters a mid-station where passengers can unload. There, they will find a 14,552 square foot observation deck complete with restrooms.

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