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Lake Tahoe

Here is a great overview of all of the amazing things to do in Tahoe South.

Check out Standup Paddle at Lakeview Commons in Tahoe South.

While hotels and ski resorts draw millions of guests each year, the area's main attraction continues to be the restful silence of the wilderness and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Lake. As the Washoe Indians realized centuries ago, the "edge of the lake" is a unique and special place.

lake Tahoe as seen from heavenly ski Resort
Photo credit: Sierra-at-Tahoe /
Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority

Lake Tahoe is a unique and beautiful national treasure that also boasts a rich and colorful historical past. The Washoe Indians had been gathering at its shores for centuries when American explorers Kit Carson and John Fremont came upon it in 1844. The Lake Tahoe Basin was a summer gathering place for three tribes of these peaceful Indians, who considered the Lake to be a spiritual site and conducted sacred ceremonies on the South Shore. Even today, the ancient name for the Lake lives on in a modern form. The Washoes named the area "Da-ow-a-ga," or "edge of the Lake." The explorers, however, unaccustomed to the native tongue, interpreted the phrase as "Tahoe." Lake Tahoe got its official name in 1945.

Today, Lake Tahoe still retains its pioneer charm while displaying an ancient respect for nature. For complete listings of all that South Lake Tahoe has to offer, visit

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