Miner’s Cabin at Madrone Tree Hill

Stay in our romantic miner’s cabin for two, or sleep under the stars in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This 50-acre family-owned property is located in the heart of Apple Hill. Two streams run through it, with a hill that separates them. It is a working Christmas tree farm that was started in the 1960s and now has many trees that are too big to fit in anyone’s home but provide an unbelievable canopy for some of our campsites. Half the property is covered in a pine forest (with some secluded campsites), with the balance being Christmas trees, Manzanita brush, Madrone trees, and open areas (for larger group campers). There are trails throughout the property for visitors to enjoy. There is an Apple Farm across the street that makes the best donuts in Apple Hill! Less than a mile away is a farm brewery, with wineries throughout the area. A large lake nearby is also a favorite for local kayak and canoe enthusiasts.

2600 Barkley Rd, Camino, CA 95709, USA


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