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Panning for gold in El Dorado County

Gold Panning in El Dorado County: 4 Beginners Tips to Find Gold Like A Pro

5 reasons to ski Lake Tahoe this winter

24 Carrot Farms - farmer handling greens - El Dorado County

24 Carrot Farm: Meet the farmer behind the farm

Barn Quilt at Rainbow Orchards, El Dorado County

The El Dorado Quilt Trail Project: Exploring the Barn-Lined Backroads

El Dorado County Road Trips: California’s First Road Trip

Woman mountain biking rocky trail in El Dorado County

Safety tips to enhance your Lake Tahoe mountain biking experience

Whitewater rafting in El Dorado County

South Lake Tahoe Brewing Co - Craft Brewery - budget-friendly hotels and motels in Placerville

Put these South Lake Tahoe craft breweries on your list


El Dorado County Road Trips

How the Rubicon Trail Got Its Start

Family walking

Top family-friendly and ADA accessible hiking trails in El Dorado County

El Dorado County is open for travel | June 12, 2020

Welcome Back to El Dorado County