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Hard cider is not hard to find in El Dorado County

Did you know that hard cider was America’s most popular alcoholic beverage during the colonial era? Or that Johnny Appleseed’s enthusiasm for planting apple trees was because he wanted to make hard cider? Or that British sailors during the 1600-1700s kept cider on board their ships, knowing that it tasted better with age, possibly preventing scurvy outbreaks?

Hard cider, like the craft beer scene and the farm-to-fork movement, is seeing a resurgence. It’s not surprising to find enthusiasts producing small batches by hand using locally sourced ingredients. The Apple Hill™ ranches, wineries, and other producers have embraced the hard cider movement with vigor.

Whether you’re looking to avoid scurvy, pay homage to American history, or explore a new way to get your ‘apple a day’, you’ll find a variety of hard ciders, ranging from bone-dry to sweet and mild, in El Dorado County’s Apple Hill™ region, which you can easily explore on the Hard Cider Trail!

North Canyon cider cans, Apple Hill, El Dorado County

North Canyon Cider Co

This family-owned, solar-powered cider mill has been making freshly-pressed apple cider for nearly 40 years as Barsotti Family Juice Company. They’ve recently ventured into hard ciders, which you can taste at their cider mill on fall weekends. Enjoy varieties such as original dry or cold-brewed with hops on the premises or at several regional venues.

Wofford Acres hard apple cider, Apple Hill™ , El Dorado County

Wofford Acres Vineyard

This Apple Hill™ winery doesn’t just boast amazing views and unique wines. You’ll also find some truly delicious hard cider. Their South Fork Apple Cider, made with Arkansas Black, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Pippin apples, is available with or without bubbles.

Rainbow Orchards

While Rainbow may be best known for its melt-in-your-mouth, made-to-order hot apple cider donuts, it’s also recently begun to produce hard cider made from the freshly pressed cider it produces in its on-site cider mill.  It’s a well-known fact that apple cider donuts are best paired with hard cider.

Delfino cider, Apple Hill™ El Dorado County

Delfino Farms

Formerly known as Kids Inc (and home to the OMG-you-have-to-try-it-to-understand Walkin’ Pie), Delfino Farms has rebranded and developed new products, including its California-style dry hard cider, made from apples grown on the ranch and then barrel-aged in French oak. The Walkin’ pie/cider pairing is one not to be missed. 

High Hill Ranch

One of the most popular ranches in Apple Hill™ is home to a variety of adult beverages, including hard cider, cider champagne, apple wine, and even apple beer.

Hidden Star Camino cider tasting

Hidden Star Camino

Hidden Star Camino is a taproom and bakery located in Camino, California. Its quaint barn taproom specializes in craft hard apple ciders and pours both glasses and flights from sixteen varieties. Jarred fruits and sauces line the shelves. Local favorite Shorty’s Doughnuts runs the bakery and features a wide assortment of doughnuts, pastries, and pies with an all-butter crust. A daily lunch menu offers delicious bites that pair perfectly with the unique ciders and meads on tap. Plenty of picnic tables and benches provide places to sit,  relax, and enjoy the panoramic view. Among the pine trees, children will discover Kid’s Town a fun place to play and explore.

Learn more about the Hard Cider Trail and planning an Apple Hill™ trip.

Source: Sacramento Magazine

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Hard cider is not hard to find in El Dorado County

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