Affordable family fun in El Dorado County

Family-friendly fun shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. In El Dorado County, you can find affordable fun every day of the week that entertains kids of all ages.

We’ve got recommendations for a week full of fun activities that range from Gold Rush history to train rides.

How the Rubicon Trail Got Its Start

Off-roading has become a popular activity, and it’s not unusual to see a caravan of Jeeps heading off to adventure here. But did you know that Jeeping got its start in El Dorado County?

4 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes in El Dorado County

Do you know that guilt you feel when you leave your pooch at home to go out to lunch? We have the remedy for that! Dog parents know how difficult it can be to find dining spots that allow you to take your canine buddy along. Luckily, some restaurants and cafes do host canines, and El Dorado County is home to quite a few of them.

Ways to Travel Responsibly in El Dorado County

We’re living in a new and uncharted time. The coronavirus pandemic changed everything. It required us to stay home and shelter in place, preventing the adventure and joy that comes with travel. There are signs of hope. El Dorado County is reopening, and we couldn’t be more excited to see you at our attractions, on our hiking trails, in our wineries and restaurants. But as folks move around the county – and the state of California – we ask you to do so safely and respectfully.

Welcome Back to El Dorado County

El Dorado County is open for travel, and we’re eager to welcome you back! You may notice a few differences, including new social and safety protocols like social distancing and recommended mask-wearing. And, like a new haircut, they’re small changes that make take some time to get used to. Underneath the new look is the same welcoming place you know and love!

El Dorado County Road Trips: Hop on a Hog

If you’re on two wheels, we’re going to assume you are a little more adventurous and not scared off by a road trip with stops with names like Hell Hole, Ice House, Stumpy Meadows, or the infamous Old Hangtown. These backroads wind through the Sierra Nevada Foothills alongside lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, majestic pines, rolling hills, and ranches. The best time for this road trip is May through October.

El Dorado County Road Trips: Leaf Peepers

If you’re looking for Mother Nature’s annual show of colors, this road trip is for you! The aspen, oak, maples, cottonwood, and dogwood trees explode in color from late September through early December. During harvest season, the grapevines reveal a fantastic color palette which, of course, pairs well with any wine-tasting adventure.

Your Perfect 4-Day Road Trip through Gold Country, California

Gold Country, California is one of our favorite off-the-beaten-path destinations for those who want to see a different side of the Golden State. Home of the original gold rush that forever changed a nation, this region is within striking distance of both Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, making it an achievable and creative destination for those who love history, outdoor adventure, farm-to-table food, and know how to enjoy a booming wine and beer scene.

24 hours in El Dorado County? Here’s what you can do!

Need to get away from the city for a day? El Dorado County is located only a half hour from Sacramento. It’s a region steeped in stunning natural beauty, a refreshing and underrated wine scene, and glorious Gold Rush history.

Jeepers Jamboree

The Jeepers Jamboree, a four-day trek, starts in Georgetown, California to ultimately travel over the renowned “Crown Jewel” Rubicon Trail on your way to the beautiful Rubicon Springs campground. Celebrate the 67th year of this event July 25-28, 2019.