6 ways to enjoy apple season without kids

6 ways to enjoy apple season without kids

While Apple Hill™ is known for its apple farms and family-friendly activities, you don’t need to have kids with you to enjoy the area’s varied attractions.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do for adults (who may or may not still be kids at heart). So after you’ve taken the children around Apple Hill™, plan a return trip for yourself.

Taste hard ciders  

You can purchase hard cider at some locations in the area. Hidden Star Camino is one of the few spots where you can taste on-site. They offer a range of ciders, along with baked goods and apple products to take home with you.

Larsen Farm Museum, Apple Hill, El Dorado County
Discover the agricultural heritage of El Dorado County at the Larsen Farm Museum. (Enjoy one of their delicious apple fritters afterward!)

Learn about Apple Hill™ history

Not limited to just adults, the Larsen Farm Museum, located at Larsen’s Apple Barn, is a (free) view into the region’s past, including farm implements, photos, furniture, and apple ranching equipment. If you’re lucky, you may even have Mr. Larsen himself greeting you at the entrance.

Don’t miss the iconic Apple Hill™ treat

Some may argue that’s apple pie (or walkin’ pie or apple turnovers), but purists agree that the apple cider donut is at its best when consumed on location. You’ll find plenty of places to taste this local favorite throughout Apple Hill™. Fun fact: nutritionists agree that multiple apple cider donuts in a day provide you with twice your daily happiness needs.

Take a hike

The best way to digest the above-mentioned iconic treat is to take a hike. You’ll find nature and hiking trails at several farms, including Apple Ridge Farm, Harris Tree Farm, Delfino Farms, Starfield Vineyards, and O’Halloran’s Apple Trail Ranch.

See the best vineyard view in Apple Hill

Wofford Acres Vineyards offers one of the best-unobstructed views of El Dorado County from its grassy picnic area. The drive out is well worth it, as much for their wines and hard cider as the views. Insider tip: Pick up a bottle or two of LaMancha Estate for later, and savor a ‘picnic pour’ of their hard cider as you enjoy the views.

Top photo credit: Hidden Star Camino

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6 ways to enjoy apple season without kids

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