Rubicon Trail & OHV Access

The off-road experience of a lifetime

Explore El Dorado County by OHV and experience 22-miles of off-road adventure that cuts across the Sierra Nevada to Lake Tahoe.

Inspiration from Fellow Rock Crawlers

Crown Jewel of All Off-Highway Trails

The Rubicon Trail is a 22-mile off-road adventure that cuts across the Sierra Nevada, between the gold rush town of Georgetown and the pristine Lake Tahoe. It boasts stunning, panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada, fields of boulders and interlocking flat stone, and sweet-smelling pine and fir trees.

Off-Road Experience of a Lifetime

This is an off-road experience of a lifetime that will test your mental and physical limits as well as your technical skills and preparation.  It offers the courageous motorist a chance to travel a historical path through one of the nation’s most treasured natural landscapes. It is widely recognized as the premier OHV route in the United States and has been called the “crown jewel of all off-highway trails.” At one time, it was revered as the most difficult, rated 10 on a scale of one to 10, due to its narrow passages, rocky climbs, and occasional mud hole.

Rubicon Trail & OHV Access

Jeeper’s Jamboree

In 1953, the Rubicon Trail hosted the first Jeeper’s Jamboree, which continues every year to this day on the last weekend of July.

Stewards of the Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail Foundation, Friends of the Rubicon, El Dorado County, and the Eldorado National Forest are the trusted stewards of the Rubicon Trail, ensuring sustainability for this special place.  Their continued efforts and collaboration are vital to keeping this “crown jewel” of OHV routes open and dedicated to the future health of the Rubicon Trail.