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How to Choose the Right Outfitter for Whitewater Rafting in California

If you’re planning a trip to El Dorado County this year, one activity that you shouldn’t miss out on is whitewater rafting. The South Fork of the American River is a popular choice. Not only does it have thrilling rapids perfect for beginners and experienced rafters, but the countryside boasts a rich history and some truly stunning landscapes.

If you want to embark on an experience of a lifetime with your family or friends, whitewater rafting on the American River is just what you need to check off your bucket list. When whitewater rafting, it’s essential to find a trusted outfitter.

Luckily, several companies in El Dorado County are permitted to operate whitewater rafting on the South Fork. They can provide you with the necessary equipment and guides, regardless of your or your companions’ experience level. Some of the approved outfitters that you can choose from are:

But if you’re confused about finding the right one, don’t worry. Choosing the right outfitter for river rafting in California isn’t rocket science! Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

  1. Quality of their equipment

The first thing you should do when you approach an outfitter is to make sure to have a look at their equipment. Find out if they are in good condition. Wear and tear is completely normal, but nothing should be broken or torn. The gear should be clean and well-maintained. Check the life jackets to see if all their clasps are intact. When you find that an outfitter has safe, high-quality equipment, it means that they care about their customers’ safety.

  1. Good safety record

When out on the water, safety is paramount. And that is why you should consider an outfitter’s safety record before you hire their services. The best way to do that is to do some simple research. Check their website. Read customer reviews. You can also ask the outfitter for their safety record. Refusal to provide that should be treated as a red flag. No matter if you plan to go on a day trip or an overnight expedition, an outfitter’s clean bill of safety should be a priority.

  1. A skilled and experienced guide

When it comes to rafting down a river, anybody can guide you through the route, but it is always a good idea to go with someone experienced and skilled in the sport. Your guide should be familiar with every turn and bend of the river. They should know what lies ahead so that they can prepare you for it. Also, your guide should be friendly and approachable – someone who doesn’t say no to a photo while also ensuring that you remain safe while you pose.

Want to know more about whitewater rafting in El Dorado County? Learn more here.

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How to Choose the Right Outfitter for Whitewater Rafting in California
How to Choose the Right Outfitter for Whitewater Rafting in California
How to Choose the Right Outfitter for Whitewater Rafting in California
How to Choose the Right Outfitter for Whitewater Rafting in California
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