Gold Country rafting in El Dorado County | Photo: Kirsten Alana

Three Family-Friendly Outdoor Summer Activities to Enjoy In El Dorado County

Spring and summer in El Dorado County are not to be missed. If you’re planning a family getaway, here are a few fun activities you can indulge in:

Gold Country rafting in El Dorado County | Photo: Kirsten Alana

Whitewater rafting

El Dorado County is undoubtedly one of the best places to experience whitewater rafting in California, and for good reason. Flanked by stunning wilderness on both sides, the American River is filled with rapids of various classes that can delight even the most skeptical adventurer. There are numerous reputable companies in the area that offer safe and high-quality rafting, striving to ensure that you have a fun-filled and rewarding experience.

Loon Lake, El Dorado County. Photo: Dallas Waldon
Loon Lake is one of many beautiful lakes that provides a backdrop to your next picnic! Photo: Dallas Waldon

Picnic by the lake

El Dorado County is dotted with scenic lakes. While Lake Tahoe is the most popular, there are several other lesser-known gems hidden within the mountains and forests, such as Loon Lake and Jenkinson Lake. These lakes don’t just offer breathtaking natural vistas; they are also great spots to enjoy some treasured moments of peace and quiet away from the city crowds. Pack up a picnic basket and head off to one of these lakes for a lovely picnic by the shore with your family.

woman on one of Tahoe's mountain bike trails
You’ll find singletrack for all abilities of mountain bikers in El Dorado County.

Mountain biking

For adventure lovers and beginners alike, El Dorado County is a treasure trove of biking trails. The foothills boast great climbs and downhills, as well as flat trails that are perfect for families and beginners. Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you ride up or down, feasting your eyes on the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Mountain biking is fun and exciting and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Three Family-Friendly Outdoor Summer Activities to Enjoy In El Dorado County
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