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Top 8 drinks to try in El Dorado County

It’s not all about farm-to-table, authentic, delicious food here in El Dorado County. We make a mean drink, too – actually, we make more than a few mean and tasty beverages. You’ll find a broad range of libations worth sampling during your next visit.

Poor Red’s Golden Cadillac

This signature cocktail is made with the Italian liquor Galliano and a few other items (recipe below).  The Golden Cadillac has made Poor Red’s the largest consumer of Galliano in the world. That’s a significant achievement!

If you can’t make it over to Poor Red’s, here’s the recipe for The Golden Cadillac. (But trust us when we say it’s best enjoyed at their bar!)

Golden Cadillac (makes 1)
5 ice cubes
3 tablespoons heavy cream
1 ounce white crème de cacao
1 ounce Galliano

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high for 15 seconds, or until the mixture is smooth, and pour into a chilled saucer-shaped Champagne glass.

Poor Red's Golden Cadillac cocktail
The Golden Cadillac is Poor Red’s signature cocktail for good reason!

Spirits from Dry Diggings Distillery

El Dorado County’s first local distillery showcases locally produced farm fruit, grains, and wine for its vodka, whiskey, brandy, and bourbon. Dry Diggings works with local farmers, vintners, and breweries to craft spirits that represent the unique flavor of the area. The tasting room captures the gold rush era, and it’s worth visiting for a tour and a taste. The vodka won best in its class, but purists will love the bourbon.

Divide Restaurant Mimosas
Don’t miss the Divide Restaurant’s delicious mimosas.

Mimosas at The Divide Restaurant

Mimosa lovers, be warned. These aren’t your mother’s mimosas. Literally—that’s their name! Not Your Mama’s Mosas come in three varieties with different juices layered into a beautiful and delicious drink. Choose from Wild Berry, Tropical, or Sunrise. Or, make it a long brunch and enjoy all three (responsibly, naturally).

Cocktails at Aji Japanese Bistro

Cocktail aficionados will be impressed by this place. The Bistro makes all its own mixes. Our favorite is the Collins mix (it’s that good!). The staff is super knowledgeable about cocktails – they are true mixologists. Whether you want a B&B or a Vesper, you’ll get it made correctly here.

Rum Runner at The Beacon

Come summer, the Beacon’s patio pairs well with their signature fruity rum drink. But let’s face it: the views of Lake Tahoe are a fantastic complement to this must-try cocktail all year round!

Basil Martini at The Independent Restaurant Placerville
The Independent in Placerville makes a delicious and refreshing Basil Martini

Royal Basil Martini at The Independent Restaurant

It’s worth ordering a Royal Basil Martini here just to watch the slightly naughty preparation. They make it with fresh basil which they slap to release the flavor.

Pear Martini at Bricks

When was the last time you had a fruit martini? Here you’ll find your martini comes with fresh slices of pear. Truly delightful and refreshing. Enjoy it in the brick-walled coziness of this historic location on Placerville’s Main Street.

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Top 8 drinks to try in El Dorado County
Top 8 drinks to try in El Dorado County
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